Seismic strengthening for

new and Existing Homes

The Gamma Bracing system is a lightweight steel frame designed to fit within the existing timber frame in new or existing homes. Once in place it provides a strong and flexible base able to withstand storm and earthquake damage far more than traditional framing alone.


 Gamma Bracing


    • For new and existing buildings

    • Fits within existing timber frame

    • Withstands multiple earthquake & wind traumas

    • Protects your most valuable asset

    • Eliminates the need for most temporary bracing

    • Cost effective & easy to install - see our installation video here



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The Gamma Bracing System meets all your structural requirements




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    • The benefits for the homeowner

      The Benefits for the Homeowner   By YOU Specifying that your new Home is to be Braced with GAMMA GBF’s You will receive the following Benefits: …

    • The benefits for the architect

      Benefits for the Architect   Facilitates modern House designs Provides a structure that has flexibility in its Design Concept A “CodeMark” Certified product…

    • The benefits for the builder

      The Benefits for the builder   Why choose The Gamma Bracing System when building a new home?   Installing the Gamma Bracing frames is easy and…

Seismic Activity Reports



To view the latest Earthquake Reports in your region go to the above link 



Do NOT Gamble with your Families' Safety or your Home

Specify the GAMMA Seismic Bracing System for your homes and live with "Peace of Mind"



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Gamma News Releases


Letter to all participants in Gamma Survey  (read more)

Following the training of Gamma Bracing frame (GBF) Installation Technicians and the enhancing....... (read more)



GBTL Support Services


Gamma Bracing Technologies Ltd “GBTL” provide the following Bracing Systems support services........(read more)

Gamma Bracing Software Calculator

Gamma Bracing GBF Frame Values


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The GAMMA's New "Slip-in - Quick fix " Range of Seismic Bracing Frames with slotted brackets 


and washers for a quick and Easy Fit along with their range of Bracing Values




Download or view the latest version of The Gamma Bracing Technical & Installation Manual herePDF 6.06 MB


Or if you want a printed version This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will post one to you




Download or view the new Gamma Bracing Garage Door assembly brochure here 







 Gamma Portal GBF Garage Door Assembly brochure






 GBF Engineering Drawings


GBF 220 Frame    GBF 400 Frame    GBF 400S Frame    GBF 600 Frame    GBF 600S Frame   


 All GBF Frames can be lowered by 50mm by sliding the Hold Down Feet up into the GBF Frame

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