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January 2017


Re: Investment Opportunities

Dear Investors,

Traditionally, New Zealand houses are braced with plasterboard systems. Seismic events in recent years have proved that, whilst structural plasterboard may retain structural integrity during an event, the dwelling is structurally uninhabitable until all bracing has been repaired or replaced.

Our client has spent some time researching and understanding the seismic and wind bracing market. Their objectives in developing new products included:

  • Products that maintain structural integrity not only during an event but post event, thereby allowing inhabitants to re-occupy the premises that are structurally secure whilst repairs are made.
  • A simple and easy solution that does not add time to the construction process (and in some cases reduces construction time).
  • Cost effective ie provide solutions that add little or no cost to the construction of private and light industrial buildings.
  • Provide superior protection of life and property.

We have spent several years developing and testing these products. Limited nationwide marketing has been undertaken to date. This business is now ready to take the domestic construction market by storm. 

This company's product suite is the only CODEMARK Certified Timber Bracing System available here in New Zealand and is certified to perform well above the minimum requirements of NZ3604:2011 building code which gives the system a substantial reserve strength to handle any of nature's seismic or high wind traumas to provide the required safeguard, both of people and property. Having now completed all the required certification fully acceptable to the Government and Regional councils and having completed a limited foray into the New Zealand market, a vigorous and development and Marketing campaign is required to drive growth.

We are therefore offering a range of investment options, however our preference would be an investment partner wanting a minimum 50% shareholding of this company.

Our intention would be to use this additional funding in the following ways.

  • Funding sales and marketing activities, including recruitment of relevant personnel.
  • Continuous product development to service market needs, whilst also maintaining a market leadership profile.

Market research indicates that the market is now ready for this new way of providing structural security to modern homes at a very competitive cost, or cost reductions, over current method of structural plasterboard. It should be noted that the use of structural plasterboard is banned in many countries for being totally unreliable in structural performance.

Expressions of interests are sought from passive investors, or those with the intentions and skills.



Stephen M Tully


Gamma Bracing Technologies



Installation of a Gamma Bracing Frame





The Buildlink Datsun 240Z as featured on a recent episode of "The Crowd Goes Wild". Co-sponsored by Gamma Bracing.




Gamma Bracing Technologies Ltd

January 2017




Re: The Gamma GBF Bracing System for New Houses


Dear  Builder / Designer / Owner/ Buyer,

Following the training of Gamma Bracing frame (GBF) Installation Technicians and the enhancing of our resources of House Bracing Designers, GBTL (GAMMA) have successfully completed many many “TOTAL Bracing Package” projects across the Greater Auckland region in the past 12 months so have now decided that this TOTAL Bracing Package is to be opened up to the full market as a proven and successful method of providing a superior seismic bracing system for new houses here in New Zealand.

As the ONLY CodeMark government certified house bracing system in New Zealand the Gamma Bracing System brings vast benefits for both builders and home owners in both quality and additional safety to people and property.


This TOTAL package from GBTL includes the following elements of a quality seismic bracing system for New Zealand homes:

  • Initial bracing design of the highest quality
  • Supply of ALL bracing products
  • The installation of the nominated bracing GBF seismic bracing frames
  • The certification of both the bracing design and installation on completion
  • All this for a FIXED cost no matter what house design of up to350m2 floor area

For full and further information on this seismic bracing package please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a full and FIXED price quotation for your new houses and homes and be sure of the safety and strength of your home for both people and property.



Stephen M Tully


Gamma Bracing Technologies Ltd