Gamma Bracing Installation


Detailed below is the procedure for installing the Gamma Bracing Frames (GBFs). The installation procedure is designed for onsite installations however the GBFs can also be installed at the pre-nail framing stage of the construction. Should the GBFs be installed at the pre-nail-stage the GBFs will have temporary fasteners installed to hold them in place for the purpose of transportation to the job site. Completion of the installation of the GBFs must be carried out once the pre-nail framing has been erected using the same procedures as detailed below.


1. Once the positions of the Gamma Bracing Frames (GBFs) have been determined from the bracing design remove any cross noggins/dwangs where the GBFs are to be installed. Ensure the inside dimension of the framing provides a suitable fit for the GBFs. A tolerance of +2.0mm and – 0.0mm between the GBF and the timber framing is acceptable. The GBFs need to fit snuggly into the framing.

2. For wall heights of 2.7m and 3.0m install the required timber framing members above as detailed.

3. Concrete Floors – External & Internal Walls. Where GBFs are located in external walls position the GBFs flush with the inside face of the timber framing to ensure the hold down fastener is away from the edge of the concrete slab (minimum edge distance = 60mm). For internal walls the GBFs can be positioned centrally within the framing.

 Timber Floors – External & Internal Walls Where GBFs are located in external walls and/or internal walls the GBFs can be positioned anywhere within the framing ensuring the position of the hold down bolt is secured in to solid timber framing. Once the GBFs are positioned mark the positions for the hold down fasteners through the slot in the hold down bracket on to the bottom plate. Remove the GBF or where possible swing the GBF to one side to allow access for drilling the holes for the hold down fasteners. To swing the GBF to one side it is useful to install a single Tek screw fastener into each stud (do not fully tighten these until the GBF is fully installed). Drill the holes for the hold down fasteners.

4. Concrete Floors – Hold Down Anchors Use M12 x 150mm masonry fasteners or M10 x 140mm Masonry Screw in Anchors (Refer Section 15.2 for recommended types of anchor).

 Timber Floors – Hold Down Anchors Use M12 x 200mm galvanized coach screw to be fastened into solid timber framing (Refer Section 15.2 for recommended types of anchor).

5. Reposition the GBF in between the studs ensuring that the slotted holes in the brackets are aligned with holes in the bottom plate.

6. Install the slotted washer provided and install the hold down anchor and tighten.

7. Each of the hold-down brackets are secured to the GBF framing with a temporary rivet to allow for shipping and have been pre drilled with 8 holes. Using the 12g x 40mm Tek screws fasten each bracket to the timber framing (8 screws per bracket). 

 It is permitted to adjust the brackets up to no greater than 50mm and down by no greater than 39mm to allow for any small deviation in wall framing height. (Refer section 15.8 for further details on height adjustment). Rivet to be removed to enable adjusting.

8. Using 12g x 40mm Tek screws provided fix through the pre punched holes located in the GBFs and into the timber framing.

9. If insulation is to be installed then cut the thermal insulation to fit within the timber framing and Gamma framing members and ensure that insulation protrudes from both sides of the Gamma Bracing Frame (Refer Section 15.3).

10. If interior sheet linings are to be installed, fix as per the manufacturers instructions or as per AS/NZS 2589:2017. Minimum drywall fixing centres to be no greater than 300mm.




 view our video of onsite installation here



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