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Gamma Bracing Frames provide Bracing Units for both wind and earthquake which are detailed here. To provide the required bracing units to meet the demand for wind and earthquake for along and across the building brace gridlines, several GBF’s of the same height maybe required. Once the quantity of Gamma Bracing Frames are determined install each of the Gamma Bracing Frames as follows.


This procedure can be used for both onsite and factory installations


  1. After establishing the positions of the Gamma Bracing Frames (GBF’s) throughout the building remove any cross noggins where the GBF’s are to be installed. Ensure the inside dimension of the framing provides a suitable fit for the GBF’s. The GBF’s should fit snugly into the framing.
  2. For wall heights of 2.7m and 3.0m install the required timber framing members as detailed in Sections 5.1, 5.2 & 5.3.
  3. For external walls position the GBF flush with the inside face of the timber framing to keep the hole for the hold down fastener away from the edge of the concrete slab (minimum edge distance = 60mm). For internal walls the GBF can be positioned centrally within the framing. Then mark the positions for the hold down fasteners through the slotted hole in the hold down bracket on to the bottom plate. Remove the GBF or where possible swing the GBF to one side to allow access for drilling the holes for the hold down fasteners. To swing the GBF to one side it is useful to install 1 Tek screw fastener into each stud (do not fully tighten these until the GBF is fully installed). Drill the holes for the hold down fasteners.
  4. For concrete floors use a masonry drill bit of a length and size suitable for M12 x 150mm fasteners (Refer Section 11 for recommended types of fasteners). For timber floors use a timber drill bit of the correct length and size to allow the M12 x 200mm galvanized coach screw to be fastened into the timber.
  5. Reposition the GBF in between the studs ensuring that the slotted holes in the brackets are aligned with holes in the bottom plate.
  6. Tighten both of the hold down fasteners, when installing onsite.
  7. Each of the hold-down brackets (Section 9 Figures 1 & 2) are secured to the GBF framing to allow for shipping and have been pre drilled with 8 holes. Using the 12g x 40mm Tek screws fasten each bracket to the timber framing (8 screws per bracket).
    For ease of installation the removal of the brackets from the Gamma frame is permitted, however the brackets will need to be re-installed to provide the required performance of the gamma frame.
  8. There are pre punched holes in the perimeter of the GBF frame. The locations of the holes are detailed in Sections 6 to 9, using the supplied 12g x 4 0mm Tek screws fix through the hole into the timber framing.
  9. If thermal insulation is to be installed then cut the thermal insulation to fit within the Gamma Bracing framing members and ensure that insulation protrudes from both sides of the Gamma Bracing frame. Compression is to be less than 10% (NZS 3604:2011)
  10. If interior sheet linings are to be installed fix as per the manufacturers instructions or as per AS/NZS 2589, minimum drywall fixing centres to be no greater than 300mm.

view our video of onsite installation here



Installing the GAMMA Frame after they have been pre-installed at the Pre-nail manufacturers


The Installation of Insulation

  1. Remove insulation from packaging.
  2. Install a section of insulation into the outside/exterior face of the framing just prior to the install wrap being insatlled and staple the insulation to the top plate at 100mmc/c, let the insulation drop down to the bottom plate.
  3. Staple the insulation at 200mm max to the side for the studs ensuring the insulation is not compressed and fix to the bottom plate.
  4. If the wall wrap is not being installed right away, a vapour seal will need to be added to ensure insulation is negated from outside elements. (Wall wrap must be installed within 5 days if vapour check is used)
  5. Lay out the second section of insulation on a flat surface with the template on top.
  6. Compress the insulation by laying a straight edge on top of the template along the marked lines and with a sharp craft knife, cut the insulation sections out.
  7. Install the the insualtion sections into the framing by pushing the insulation up into the aluminium sections ensuring no gaps are left between the top, sides and bottom of the sections.
  8. Repeat step 7 for the remaining sections
  9. On the internal side these should not be needed as the channels will hold the insulation in place.



Installation Slideshow

Recommended Insulation Installers

Bradford and Bradford





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